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Things Armenian Tatiks Say Pt.1

Armenian Tatiks are strong, independent women who are not afraid to speak their mind. They have the entire family's best interest in mind, and will go long ways to make sure everyone is safe and sound. Here are some things you'll hear an Armenian Tatik say.

Ger, Ger, Ger..

This means "eat, eat, eat..". Food is an important part of Armenian culture. It is the centre of every celebration, family gatherings, mornings, later in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, later in the evening, before bed, sometimes even during sleep. 

The concept of "I am full", "gushdem", "Che merci" could be sometimes lost on Tatik. When those words start rolling out of your mouth, all tatik is hearing is that you didn't like her food to eat it till death. Comments on your eating habits that are beyond logic will be shared with you. "Ger, ger, ger.." (eat, eat, eat) will be screamed at you like it's the last words you'll hear. 

The more you eat from tatik's food, the more tatik feels that she contributed to your future. But, if you ever feel cornered, and need a little help telling tatik you are full, here's a t-shirt that helps you deliver the message casually. 


Dak Hakvir

This means "wear "warm clothes". No matter how warm or cold it is outside, tatik seems to always believe that there will be a snowstorm that is directed at you. She will ensure you are wearing the warmest of clothes, otherwise, a simple sneeze the next day will attributed to the fact that you were only wearing 1 jacket, and a t-shirt. "Desar, bagh arir" (see you caught a cold) would be one of the first things out of her mouth. To protect you from the cold, and tatik's worries, here's a hoodie with Armenian carpet on it to provide you more warmth. 



What are some things you've heard your tatik say? Let us know in the comments. 


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