Meet the Artists: Anais Zadikian

We followed her work, smiled, cried, and felt many emotions through her art. We're proud to bring to you an interview with artist Anais Zadikian where she shares with us about her inspiration and behind the scenes on her work.

Q: How did you start making art?/Why do you make art?

A:  afer graduating High School, in Brazil, I felt that I was loosing contact with the armenian alphabet, so I started doing lettering art in armenian, my goal was one word per day and this took me to the “a of art” project. So, the main reason was keeping myself close to our alphabet.

Q: What inspires you? What inspired this piece/idea?

A: Before making any piece, I make sure that it represents myself, my feelings. It’s kind of a heart-thing. And knowing that people from the other side of the screen see it and identify, and smile or just agree with my passions (specially for coffee), this makes me inspired. The connection that I can get with people through my art, is very special and means a lot to me.

Q: What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

A: My main tool is my Ipad, but if I could take one for forever would be a sketchbook and a pencil, it never fails.

Q: Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

A: To be honest, nothing specific. I like discovering new tools, new techniques, and even styles, so I never fix myself too much on something. (Unless it is necessary for a certain piece)

Q: How do you know when a work is finished?

A: Oh, how cliche would it sound if I say “I just feel it”?

Q: Is there an artwork you are most proud of? Why?

A: It’s a little bit old and simple, but the “Kurdish, Syrian, Armenian lives matter”. It reached so many people, specially non armenians, and I felt really happy that my voice went so far. And the armenian font (with the penguins) it’s my love!

Q: What are your go to methods for setting up a space that helps cultivate your work flow?

A: I like having “my place” to work, like my bubble. Does it sound strange? It helps me to create. I give importance to organization too, this absolutely helps on my workflow.

Q: You are a hard working artists in a competitive, yet very vibrant city. How do you find fulfillment in the midst of  the hustle?

A: I focus on good, basically. This is the truth: I hate competitions, I hate this competitive thing. Since ever the idea of competitions always got me upset. Although a lot of people say that “you need to be competitive to prosper in life”, but I rather think that what is yours will find you, and just ignore the fact that people are competing for something. So, as you said, it’s a vibrant and colorful city, I focus on this and turn off the noise.

Q: After a long day of making masterpieces how do you re-center?

A: Being in contact with nature and video calls with my family is my re-re-re-center for life.

Q: When it comes to home decor, what’s your dream room / space look like?

A:  A huuuuge table where I can organize my stuff, a white wall where I can put photos with family and friends, and a window with a view to any beautiful spot in Armenia.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to get in touch with their artistic side?

A: Don’t compare yourself with other artists. You can improve any skill by working on yourself, step by step. You don’t need to hurry. Do everything with all your heart, be patient and enjoy the journey.

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