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Meet The Artists: Har Unusyan

With many talented Armenian artists around the world, Tatik's mission is to bring their stories and artwork to life. In this series of blog interviews, we have asked our Artists questions on their journey. Take a look, and get to know our Artists. Here's an interview with Har Unusyan, who currently resides in Armenia. 

Q: How did you start making art?/Why do you make art?

A:  I started drawing when I was 5 years old and professionally I started to study when I was 12 through individual lessons. I felt that inside me there is a force , which I have to show by art namely by painting .
My goal is to show people how I see everything through my eyes and what kind of mood I want to convey to them with my works. I think that art helps people to see the world in different colors.


Q: What inspires you? What inspired this piece/idea?

A: I am very inspired by famous artists and these people who have achieved success in art .
I think that this area requires a lot of work to achieve success. I am also inspired by people who are next to me and their mood which conveys me through colors.


Q: What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

A: For me, my room is very important. I changed everything there so it is very comfortable now for me and in this room  which is very convenient for me  a computer and tablet occupy a very important place .
I want to add that I`ve been doing computer drawing for 2 years before that I only painted on papers and on canvas. Now I`m trying to combine both.


Q: How do you know when a work is finished?

A: It is very difficult to say the work is completed or not. I can draw 10 minutes and finish the work if I like it with my eyes.
There are so many works that are beautiful even if they are not completed.


Q: Is there an artwork you are most proud of? Why?

A:  Yes I had a work that found a place in the museum (Name <<Sardarapat>>) and I was 14 years old. It was a group work and gave me a lot of force and spirit to continue my way.


Q: What are your go to methods for setting up a space that helps cultivate your work flow?

A:  Lighting is very important to me. I try to work in a quiet place where there are no people.
Music also is very important to me , because with the help of music I created a lot of valuable works for me.


Q: You are a hard working artists in a competitive, yet very vibrant city. How do you find fulfillment in the midst of  the hustle?

A: Like I said I love working in quiet places, but of course it happened that I was in another country and I had a pen or pencil and I started to draw. Emotions in these paintings are different and there are sealed sensations that were at that moment.


Q: After a long day of making masterpieces how do you re-center?

A: Sometimes you need breaks to create new and good work. It`s impossible to create new and good work. It`s impossible to create good works every day without breaks , at least for me .
I have days that I don`t work at all, I collect thoughts and then begin to create.


Q: When it comes to home decor, what’s your dream room / space look like?

A:  I always wanted my workshop to be in nature on a tall tree and on the top is wooden house the interior and exterior are new and old.
I know some day I will have it .


Q: What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to get in touch with their artistic side?

A:  I would like to say a lot of things, but I will say what happened with my experience. I am a person who likes to work, and this has been told to me more than once, and always my work was insufficient for me.
Believe me, there were a lot of people who said that in my country there is no art and that I won`t succeed, but I always assured them that a hard working and talented person will always find his place in this world.
There are so many people who because of little failure give up the work they love. Most importantly never give up, fight till the end and when you become successful look back at those people who told you that you won`t succeed ,look and them and smile go forward.

You can check out more of Har's work by following his Instagram page @Har_Unusyan

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